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One Night with the Groom: 1Night Stand Series, ...
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As if Luciana Cortez doesn't have enough problems trying to save the family farm and pay her mother's medical bills, her brother uses the last of the mortgage money to buy her a one-night stand. Even if she wasn't boiling with rage, her farm chores leave her with no time to date. The only bright spot...she's too busy and exhausted to think about the man who'd once pledged to marry her then abandoned her. Working on an important presentation, CEO Blake Wellington doesn't think twice when he steps out of the limousine...until the car leaves and he realizes instead of the business he needs to attend to, he's on the doorstep of the farm where his past love Luciana lives. Without cell phone service or transportation to get back to civilization, he must rely on her for help. Powerful attraction and deep hurt immediately swirl between them, compelling him to use the evening to gain closure over the ache of what might have been. The emotions and memories of the past are stronger than either can imagine, but Blake's business is across the country and Luciana can't leave the farm. When the night is over, they have no choice but to heed their responsibilities and go their separate ways...or turn their lives upside down and risk a lifetime of heartbreak. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Hollie Jackson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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